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"Program Helps to Prepare Children for Kindergarten"

For most children, formal learning begins in kindergarten, when they are introduced to the world of ABC’s and 123’s.


However, a child’s education should begin much earlier than that, according to a local organization that helps parents prepare their young children for school.


Home Instruction for the Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) is a free, 30-week program through the Alexander City Board of Education for the parents of 2,  3, and 4-year-old children.


“This is open to any parent or guardian and child regardless of income or preschool experience,” Director Barbara Thompson said. “This is a home program that can supplement the preschool or Head Start program."


Parents are given instructional materials, lesson plans and tips for 15- to 20-minute daily lessons aimed at teaching their children a variety of subjects and skills, including math, science, reading, physical development, and thinking and reasoning.



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